Bible Study – Church at Home – Generosity

Join us for an informal Bible Study using resources from The Bible Project.

The theme of this study is Generosity, and you can watch the Bible Project’s video below. We’ll be listening to a very short talk, reading from the Bible and exploring some questions arising from what we have read. You can join by computer, smartphone / tablet or by phone dial-in.

We will start at 2pm on Wednesday, 22nd April, 2020 and be finished by 2.45pm. We have used and greatly enjoyed videos from this team before, and we have found them highly accessible but also profound.

If you have a PC, Mac or laptop with a headset or speakers and a mic, and optionally a webcam, then click here to enter the “room.” (You can test this at any time, to check you can gain access.)

If you are using a smartphone or iPad, use the same address but you may want or need need to install the Jitsi Meet app. 

For Apple (iPhone / iPad) or Android users the app links are below, or to join from any phone: 

Dial 0121 468 3154 then enter the pin 336 633 987 #