Agape Feast – A Telephone Service

Fresco of a Christian Agape Feast from a Greek chapel

It’s our Maundy Thursday tradition to join together for a bring and share meal at communion. This year we ‘ll be joining together by phone. There’ll be a link for the short service, with a suggestion that you have some bread and wine (or other simple food and drink) as the service culminates in serving one another (remotely!) in a meal whose origins date back to the very first Christians.

What You Need

We’ll use the order of service as above, which you can view on-screen or download and print.

The highlight of this service is an act of sharing food and drink:

The feast can be a loaf of bread (or oatcakes, or a sweet bread) and a chalice of wine (or cider, or grape juice). The bread and the wine are passed to one another. Each person serving the individual next to him or her.

Ideally we would all be together and literally passing the bread and cup. But we can still share this moment, whether you’re alone or in a household.

How to join our Telephone Service


  033 3113 3976
and wait to be asked for a room number
Using your phone keypad enter:
  40144508 #
and wait to be asked for your PIN. Retry if asked.
Using your phone keypad enter:
  3199 #
then you will be asked for your name.
Speak your name then press:
Congratulations! You’ve joined the room and can speak and listen.
You may find that clicking the following link may do everything up to speaking your name automatically. If it works, why not save this to your contacts?
Being physically isolated doesn’t have to mean being socially or spiritually isolated. Join us to share a friendly spiritual meal!