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A church is so much more than simply a venue for your wedding. Unique and special things become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond.

It’s easier than many people realise to get married in one of our churches. It’s easy to find out if you are legally entitled to be married in church. If you plan ahead, we can even help you to establish a new “qualifying connection.”

Reasons people choose a church wedding include:

  • Bringing a spiritual dimension to your marriage
    God’s blessing is at the heart of a church wedding, and it’s something that attracts many couples, whatever their beliefs
  • The vows
    You can only make vows this big in a church! The words you say express the depth of your commitment to one another, and the church and its people are there for you forever
  • Church weddings just feel special
    Whether it’s the history, family traditions, the unique character, the location, there’s something very special about marrying in church that makes the day so meaningful

There are simple rules for establishing whether a church wedding is an option. In most cases, a quick chat will give you a clear answer. If it’s less straightforward, there’s still a very simple process, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

If you would like to know more, just give a few details, and we’ll be happy to get in touch!

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    Marrying in church is personal, spiritual and beautiful, just as you want it to be.